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We have a flock of 400 mainly Masham sheep, crossed with either a Suffolk or Charolais ram.

Every September we visit the town of Bentham in Yorkshire and buy approximately 100 young replacement sheep called breeding ewe lambs. They graze on the grass in our fields for the next 12 months growing and maturing, in preparation for pregnancy and then lambing the following March. The lambs mature outside during spring with the warm sun on their backs. When it comes to feeding, welfare and slaughtering of our flock the sheep are treated with respect and care. We make sure that they lead a happy and healthy life, as all animals deserve.
The lamb are slaughtered locally at our butchers and then hung for 7 days, allowing the meat to relax and tenderise providing you with great quality local lamb.

When necessary we also stock lamb from local farmers we know and respect with similar approaches to farming.

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